Everyday, we are inundated with government press conferences and media reports of how high the death toll is getting in the United States for COVID19.  It is important to note, however, that the death toll numbers we are given are nowhere near accurate.  They are what's called "provisional" numbers and include COVID19 deaths in addition to non-COVID19 pneumonia deaths.  As you will see by the other number displayed, the actual number of COVID19 cases, including both laboratory confirmed as well as mere assumed cases, is much lower.  Both sources of information come straight from the CDC.  The links below will take you straight to the source. 

Source U.S. Deaths As Of
CDC NCHS COVID Counts from Death Certificates 236,351 11/23/2020
CDC COVID deaths (all) AND non-COVID Pneumonia deaths (since April 2020)

The same holds true even here in the State of Michigan.  As you can see below, the numbers reported to us on the main Michigan.gov website, and shared with us by Governor Whitmer in her press conferences, is far greater than the actual number of COVID19 deaths in Michigan, which itself includes both laboratory confirmed and mere assumed cases.

Please make sure to note that the Michigan.gov stats are updated each day, and is usually displaying the current day's information, while the MDHHS information is displayed about a week behind.  However, even when you compare the data from the same date as reported by each site, the numbers are drastically different. 

Source Michigan Deaths As Of
Michigan Vital Records 7,565 11/21/2020
Michigan.gov Coronavirus 8,543